Bone Conduction

Helmet Audio Device

Open-ear to listen to music. Take a phone call on the go. Listen to GPS when needed. And keep situational awareness simultaneously.

High Quality Phone Call

Built-in bone conduction transducer and BT 5.0 chipset, external microphone and ANC in software allow you taking a high-quality phone call even under motorcycles noise during riding.

13H music play
  • 20 days standby

    Clear Music Sound Quality

    Using the resonance principle, the sound waves will be transmitted directly to the helmet. Enjoy music and high-quality calls during riding.

    Easy Operation

    A large physical button designed ensure easy operation during riding.

  • Universal Use

    One device can be attached on any plane surface of helmets.

    No restrictions on the type of helmets.

    Installation Steps

    ① Tear off the base 3M glue and paste it on the plane of the helmet.

    ② Fasten the device to the base.

    Color Style

    Black classic color, simple and stylish.

  • Helmet Audio Device
    Bone Conduction Technology


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    Bone Conduction
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