Etude FAQ


Activating voice on my earbuds doesn’t seem to connect to my ALOVA app, but opens a different app.
1.Let’s make sure that ALOVA app is set as the default app when activating voice from Bluetooth devices. To check and change that setting, from your Android device:
If you don’t know which app is triggered, activate the assistant and engage with it to see which app opens.
2.Go to that app icon and choose app info: (note that if you’re using Google Assistant the Google app may be set as the default for voice requests)
a) Press and hold on the app icon.
b) Choose app info (sometimes just an ‘i’ icon).
3.Under Advanced, choose Open by Default.
a) You’ll know it’s the right app if it shows at least 1 default is set.
4.Press the ‘Clear defaults’ button.
5.Activate voice again from your Etude.
a) When you do, it will give you an option to choose your default assistant.
6.Choose ALOVA and set it to “Always”. Android 10 and earlier users may need to activate voice from their Etude twice: once to set the assistant and again to select “Always.”
What devices can I use with voice assistants?
ALOVA app currently supports the Etude. We partnered with Native Voice to provide support for multiple assistants at once. If you want to see Native Voice on more devices, let us know in the Contact Us.
How do I interact with my assistants? What do I say?
1. Activate voice by pressing and holding on either earbud for 2 seconds.
2. You’ll hear 3 beeps to cue you to say which assistant you want to talk to (“Alexa”)
3. Say what you want (“What’s the weather?”) For a list of things, you can say to each assistant, click on the icon for each assistant in the app.
Do I need to make ALOVA my default Voice Assistant?
There are two settings to choose for your default voice assistant. Your default assistant on your phone, and your default assistant accessed over Bluetooth. We are just changing the default assistant over Bluetooth. Any time you want to engage with the assistant on your phone, you can do so directly (and not through a Bluetooth device). To setup ALOVA as your default assistant over Bluetooth, select ‘ALOVA’ when prompted, and choose ‘Always.’


How do I connect Etude to my phone?
When you open the charging case, your Etude earbuds will power on and attempt to pair automatically.
How do I turn my Etude earbuds on and off?
On: When you open the charging case, your Etude earbuds will power on and attempt to pair automatically. Alternately, you can also hold the touch zone on either earbud for 5 seconds. Off: You can place your Etude earbuds inside the charging case and it will automatically power off and start charging with a built-in switch.
What is the range of the Bluetooth performance of Etude?
About 10 meters / 30 feet.
Can Etude pair with any phone?
As long as it has bluetooth capability, you can connect.
Can Etude pair with a computer?
Again, if it is bluetooth capable you can connect.
What happens if I have several Bluetooth-enabled devices in my house?
Etude will automatically connect back to the devices that had connection before. You could select the device name to be connected in your Bluetooth menu.
Can I use Etude Earbuds separately or independently of each other?
Yes, you could use them in both ways.
Can I make phone calls with Etude?
Yes, touch once to answer and touch twice to hang up a call. To reject the call, touch twice the touch zone.
How do I activate voice on my Etude earbuds?
To engage with your assistants on your Etude, with your earbuds in, press and hold on either earbud . You’ll hear 2 quick beeps to indicate you can begin speaking.
How do I control the volume on Etude?
Volume up: double click the right earbud. Volume down: double click the left earbud.
Can I wear glasses, a hat, a bike helmet, etc., with Etude?
Yes, with an ergonomic design, Etude is compatible with other wearables.
How do I charge Etude?
To charge Etude earbuds, place them into the charging case. To charge the charging case, you can plug in the type-C charging cable which is included in the package. You can also charge the charging case wirelessly with a compatible wireless charging base.
How do I know The Charge Level of Etude?
The LED lights on earbuds will turn from white to green when they are fully charged in the charging case. There are 4 led indicators on the charging case to display different battery levels. When the case is fully charged, 4 lights are on.
How long does Etude take to charge fully?
It takes 2 hours for a full charge.
How long can Etude last on a charge?
One full charge can last up to 8 hours of play at 80% volume.
Can Etude be charged on the go without an electrical outlet?
Yes, with the 800mAh charging case, the earbuds can be charged easily on the go.
How Long does it take Etude to get 1 hour of talk/playtime?
To charge Etude earbuds for 30 min, you can get 2.5 hours of play.
Is Etude waterproof?
IPX4 water resistant.
Does Etude have Noise Reduction Technology (ANC)?
It doesn’t have ANC but it has Environmental Noise Cancellation(ENC) and 2 dual beamform for Noise Reduction during call.
Can I adjust the fit of Etude?
No, but it has an ergonomic size design.
Does Etude use bone conduction?
No, Etude uses directional audio speakers and has no vibration which is how bone conduction delivers sound.
Does Etude support Wi-Fi®?
Etude supports Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to connect to any audio accessed from your phone, whether streaming over WiFi or cellular or downloaded to your device.